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Get Up and Move! Keeping Diabetes Under Control

It's human nature to be active. So, try to get as much exercise as you can

People are meant to get up and move. Your organs, biological systems, and blood flow functions best when you are physically active. Unfortunately, prolonged periods of sitting characterizes most daily lives, and you are missing opportunities for healthy movement. The consequences of not taking timeout out to move during the day point to dire health issues. The best advice is, “Moving More AND Sitting Less', particularly after meals, as part of a more malleable and comprehensive 'whole-of-day' approach. This behavioral strategy may be an acceptable starting point (or 'gateway') for the large proportion of T2D patients who are aging, currently sedentary, overweight/obese, deconditioned, or unable/reluctant to embark upon structured exercise.”

While waiting for more evidence from studies, it is a great idea to read about the benefits of getting up and frequently moving during the day. Some exercise, even if it is doing daily chores like vacuuming, dusting, and gardening, can help.