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God or Science: 20 Shocking Miracles that Will Make You Question Everything

God or Science: 20 Shocking Miracles that Will Make You Question Everything

While He Was Restoring a Church, His Tumors Were Shrinking

Sometimes things happen in the medical world that doctors have trouble explaining. One example is former cancer patient Greg Thomas.

Every day, Thomas sat at the steps of a century-old church in his town. However, when he was 56-years-old, his life changed forever. When Thomas experienced painful headaches, ear infections, and jaw pain, he was diagnosed with an inoperable cancer. By the time he was diagnosed, the cancer was so advanced that his family even began to plan his funeral. At those old church steps, Thomas would pray to God daily until he took a look at the church and thought that one last thing needed to be done before he died.

The paint of the church was peeling, there was a leak in the roof, and the floorboards were rotting. The church was in just as bad shape as him. Thomas appealed to the church’s management and promised that he would fix it on one condition: He would have a key to the front door for any time he wanted to worship. The church agreed, even when Thomas was on his third round of chemotherapy and lost 66 lbs.

Every day he worked on that church, and every day he felt a little better. So much so that he felt strong enough to skip pain medications doctors prescribed him. As he fixed the church’s paint and replaced floorboards, scans revealed that his tumors were shrinking. And then, 4 years after his diagnosis, Greg’s doctors removed his feeding tube and he ate solid foods again. (Doctors originally said he would have that feeding tube for the rest of his life.)

Right now, Greg Thomas is living cancer-free and his tumors are gone. And, that church is fully restored. In an interview, Greg said, “While I was restoring the church, God was restoring me.”