Screw Pierced This Boy's Brain. Only Days Later He Left the Hospital with the Screw in Hand

Thirteen-year-old Darius Foreman was building his treehouse when he fell and knocked over a wooden plank. The plank landed on the top of his head and a 6-inch screw penetrated his skull. After the paramedics arrived, he wasn’t able to be transported because he wouldn’t have fit in an ambulance. So, rescue services had to cut the board to 2 feet and he was then transported by helicopter to John Hopkins Hospital.

Two neurosurgeons successfully performed a surgery that removed the board and the screw from Foreman’s head. Dr. Allan Cohen, the chief of neurosurgery at John Hopkins, told CNN, “He was a millimeter away from having himself bleed to death.

Darius left the hospital just a few days after his surgery (when he was supposed to have a longer recovery) with the screw in his hand.

Photo source: NY Post