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Groundbreaking Cystic Fibrosis Documentary Follows 3 Patients in Their Daily Lives

How can people living with CF maintain a positive outlook?

There are many ways in which CF patients can take their outlook into their own hands to alleviate their day-to-day pain. Kori Tolbert gives a great example of how to help yourself through positivity. During her treatment, she labeled all of her medications and treatments with uplifting messages. She wrote "Love and Gratitude" on her IV bags, followed by other items as well. She proceeded to believe that despite the hardship, she was being infused with love and gratitude every day. This reminded her that through her suffering, she was still the person she always had been inside and that no matter what she went through, she could persevere with her charisma and love.

By seeing how much of an effect this had on her, she started the company Booster Jots, which is a medical labeling and empowering program especially designated towards children. The company offers all the supplies needed to design labels that will empower them throughout their medical routines, just as she had. This empowers children, and adults, through their routines and enables it to be personal as well. A specific label some have used are "Super Powers." So, if, say, a child needs an inhaler- they believe they're puffing in their super powers. This makes treatment fun instead of a chore, especially for children who do not entirely understand what they are going through.