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Groundbreaking Cystic Fibrosis Documentary Follows 3 Patients in Their Daily Lives

How can physicians help?

While physicians are already working hard to treat those with cystic fibrosis, there are a few things patients would still like them to pay attention to. Some examples? Patients want to have access to all the information regarding their specific case. Sure, not every bit of information may be vital, but in order to feel involved in your own treatment, it's important to feel you have access to your own information. Another aspect of what physicians can improve upon, according to many patients, it their delivery of this sensitive information. While their occupation is indeed physician, and not babysitter or therapist, on a human level it is important to feel as if the person you're entrusting your health to is looking out for your wellbeing- so it's nice when a little extra care is added in a "bedside manner" of delivering information that can sometimes be hard to hear. 

A common fear is that patient's physicians aren't staying up on the most up-to-date methods available, so another way physicians can help further is to ensure they are constantly reeducating themselves on the leading research in their field.

The bottom line? Kori Tolbert points out that care is the most important part of healthcare, and without it only so much progress can be made.