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A Comprehensive Guide to Lymphoma Treatment Options

CAR T cell therapy

CAR T cell therapy may be a good option for those who have diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL).

When a patient who has DLBCL relapses after previous forms of therapy or stops responding to treatment, a stem cell transplant was seen as the only viable option for many years. However, now CAR T cell therapy can now save many lives in this situation, which is particularly beneficial to those who are not candidates for stem cell transplantation or if the disease has relapsed after a stem cell transplant.

You may have heard of CAR T cells referred to as "living drugs," which refers to the treatment's use of the patient's own cells to treat them.

CAR T therapy filters one's immune cells from their blood. Afterwards, they are sent to a lab where they are modified with new proteins and the ability to recognize cancer. Once they are put back into the body, they are especially powerful and are capable of multiplying after being infused back into the system. As a result, ideally, they will find and eliminate the remaining cancer.

While CAR T cell therapy is an excellent option for many, there are only limited hospitals that offer the treatment, so if you are not willing to travel and do not have such a hospital nearby, you may want to look into other options instead.