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Harms of Being an Anemic

Harms of Being an Anemic

Close speculation of blood drops under a very high powered microscope can reveal outstanding discoveries. It was the first reason why penicillin might have been discovered and named after close identification tests. Anemic patients can be deemed as people who suffer from something which can make their lives highly incompatible with their choice of careers. A close examination of an anemic patient’s blood under an electron microscope reveal certain cells named erythrocytes. These cells serve the sole purpose of taking hemoglobin molecules to combine them with oxygen molecules in order to form a combination which can be easily absorbed by the organs and the blood stream and can be broken down to much more usable parts.

The horrors through which the anemic patients go through and the transformation their bodies take are certainly unprecedented towards a simple fact which makes it clear that these people are fighters. In an anemic person, the erythrocytes maintain an abnormal state where the hemoglobin fails to combine with the oxygen molecules thus making every organ crave for oxygen. It is common sense to understand that since many vital parts of the body face an oxygen defiance, the body makes the skin look pale. The harms do not end there. It continues as a series of pain and organ failure among different people.  Since the body becomes more starved and deprived, many organs begin to work in tense conditions carrying out anaerobic respiration. The anaerobic respiration process uses more carbon dioxide to break down into oxygen molecules so that they could be provided to the body parts. The process of fatigue begins when this reparation causes the release of lactic acid. The lactic acid is what gives the sensation of being tired and the experience of bone pain even from small motor skills. If this condition persists for a long time, it is likely to compromise the proper functioning of our immune system and make us more susceptible to infections.

There are some forms of this disorder that are hereditary and not only does it affect the infants from the time of birth but also women bearing children. These women are more susceptible to iron deficiency both before giving birth and after the birth. The reasons attributed to this problem during her child bearing years are heavy blood loss from menstruation and increased demands of blood supply faced primarily during pregnancy. The other category that is more likely to get affected are older adults, the cause being medical conditions that develop with age and poor intake of nutrient rich diet.

G6DP or Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency, a form of congenital hemolytic anemia also leads to iron deficiency by increasing the vulnerability of RBC’s to oxidative stress. It is the most common enzyme deficiency across the world causing a multitude of problems including neonatal hyperbilirubinemia, chronic hemolysis and acute hemolysis that could contribute towards anemia.

Many other types of anemia place people in different facets of dangerous situation. These situations can result in the lives being lost if not attended properly. The vitamin B12 found in rich protein food sources such as meat and fish has a very massive impact in the functioning of the body. It makes muscles, dissolves and breaks down the fats and lipids. The B12 defiance in the body can also cause anemia in people with horrific results. The individuals who have such kinds of anemia have reported the dangers to be brain related. The cerebral cortex of the brain helps in restoring the balance of a person when standing in an upright position. The balance is often destroyed when people experience B12 anemia. Other dangers include the lack of speech by making the tongue and mouth sore as well as the lack of concentration in important tasks and materials. Sometimes the patients who have been suffering for a long time face dementia which can lead to other domino effects including the famous ones being abnormal and Alzheimer disease.

Therefore, vitamin B12 defiance in the body cannot be overlooked as people with vitamin B12 deficiency are at a risk of developing vitamin B12 deficiency anemia along with iron deficiency anemia, the cumulative results of which are disastrous on our body. Factors that contribute to vitamin B12 deficiency are surgeries done to lose weight which decreases the area from the abdomen region which is available for absorption of nutrients. Antacids also interfere with vitamin B12 absorption as acids from the stomach are necessary in breaking down vitamins for it to get absorbed. Calcium present in the antacids also binds with the iron and affects its absorption by the body.

These dangers are enough to make any rational person loose their mind and cause problems in daily life. It can also make it difficult for people to cope because of the over influential behavior of anemia. Medicines and different diets have been introduced to make people more aware and concerned about iron inclusion in their daily dosage of food. Many NGOs are running campaigns in most rural parts of the world to make people more educated about iron defiance so that the generation could be saved from all the torment that the body undergoes while being anemic.  

Thus, it is extremely important that an anemic person should be aware of his/her condition so that the real cause of anemia could be detected. A person can definitely recover from the nutritional anemia by consuming a healthy diet as prescribed by the doctor. Apart from this, patients also need emotional support during their course of treatment so that they could stay motivated and be willing to recover soon as being positive has been proven to increase or promote the cycle of recovery. The patients who suffer from anemia that cannot be cured should also be encouraged to live a normal life without placing much stress on their work and other activities of daily living. These patients also need a good diet to keep their erythrocytes level normal and avoid any complications.

Key Takeaways

  • In an anemic person, the erythrocytes maintain an abnormal state where the hemoglobin fails to combine with the oxygen molecules.
  • The B12 defiance in the body can also result anemia in people with horrific results.
  • The balance of the body is often destroyed when people experience B12 anemia.