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Having a Social Life When Managing Lupus

Remember these important tips

Some important ideas to remember include:

  • Educating yourself along with family, friends, and even colleagues so that everyone involved would have an idea of what is to come in the event that they are willing (and comfortable) with helping out.
  • Managing stress levels and getting enough sleep at night which will help with both the emotional and the physical aspect of dealing with lupus.
  • Finding activities that are both meaningful and enjoyable can help boost morale when physical activity has to be curtailed due to pain and fatigue.
  • Focusing on one’s gifts and talents and finding much satisfaction in taking on a creative outlet. Often, a new pastime or a newly acquired skill can boost one’s outlook tremendously—which is also very therapeutic.

So lupus does not necessarily have to be a lifelong period of solitude, especially if there are family members and friends who are prepared to follow the patient on his or her journey. When you cannot go out into the world, the hours spent inside do not have to be empty but instead, opportunities for creativity, serenity, and learning.

In other words, lupus is not the end of the story.