Joined for Life: A road trip that led to a short TLC series

Their travels through the media led to appearances in multiple documentaries and finally their own reality TV show on TLC in 2012. The show was later broadcast on BBC Three in the UK in 2013, aired as a three-part miniseries. The documentary was done when the girls were 11. The film took viewers through a year in the life of the conjoined twins, from school and home life to their social interactions and their (at the time) conflicting career paths. TLC filmed a special in 2008 that celebrated their 16th birthday and gave a glimpse at how the two were managing the trials of adolescence along with their conjoining. The TV show that aired 10 years later showed the girls at age 22, still going strong despite their physical restrictions. The eight-episode series offers a testament to their fortitude and unwillingness to be beaten down while bringing to light the challenges posed by their rare malformation.

Photo: Facebook (Abigail and Brittany Hensel)