Now, they are licensed and teaching in one 5th grade classroom

Today, Abby and Brittany live relatively quiet, low-profile lives. After obtaining degrees in education and earning their teaching licenses, the girls found a job in an elementary school only an hour from their hometown. They are teaching fifth grade mathematics, just like they wanted, and their “twintuition” makes them an effective pair of educators. While their students may initially expect different, even conflicting perspectives from the sisters, this connection actually keeps the sisters in sync; in fact, the two often walk around their classroom completing each other’s sentences.

When the girls were first contemplating getting a job, they expressed concerns about how prospective employers would view them and how they would be paid. At their current position, they receive one salary, with half the funds going to Abby and the other half to Brittany. However, although they are paid a joint wage, they are considered separate employees and are treated as two people by their fellow colleagues.

Photo: Naked Stories (YouTube)