One can get sick while the other remains healthy

Adding to the assertion that Abby and Brittany, along with other conjoined twins, are two distinct individuals is the fact that it is possible for one of them to fall ill and the other remain healthy. For example, Brittany once had pneumonia while Abby was perfectly fine, and in fact, when Brittany was unable to keep her medicine down, her sister volunteered to take the medicine in the hopes it would still take effect and heal the other sibling. This is an interesting phenomenon considering they share a bloodstream, so when one receives an immunization, for example, the other will benefit as well; if one twin catches a cold, the other should soon follow, but that’s not always the case with Abby and Brittany.

The two underwent three surgeries in their youth, but since then, they have been in excellent health and continue to astonish doctors with their strong vitality.

Photo: Brain Sharper