Someday, they hope to find love

Rumors circulated back in 2012 that Brittany was engaged, but the Hensel sisters quickly squashed those rumors. However, that doesn’t mean either one has given up on love. Quite the contrary: both Abby and Brittany hope one day to get married and even start a family. They haven’t discussed the logistics of how that would work, but neither is overly concerned; they know they will find a way.

That being said, the conjoined siblings are in no hurry to settle down. In one interview, they talked about not having the same level of sexual urges as other people. In addition, the girls have not expressed feelings of loneliness, especially since they have each other for company. For now, Abby and Brittany are content to live quiet lives and let love develop when and where it will. One thing’s for sure, they do not intend to let their condition get in the way of love!

Photo: Facebook (Abigail and Brittany Hensel)