The twins had to take two separate driving tests in order to drive

Although they share a single torso, Abby and Brittany are two very different individuals with distinct personalities and want to be treated as such. However, this doesn’t always make for easy situations, like when the two had to test to get their driver’s licenses. The TLC documentary Joined for Life: Abby & Brittany Turn 16 followed the twin girls to the testing facility and showed them successfully earning their licenses, and later in their 2012 series on the same channel, they told the camera they each had to be tested, although neither the documentary nor the show made clear exactly how this was done. Describing themselves as good drivers, the two said they both participate in the driving experience by each being in charge of a different job, Abby the break and Brittany the blinker (according to their responses on one episode). They both steer, however, attributing their fluidity to their “twintuition,” which allows them to know what the other is thinking without saying it out loud.

Photo: BBC