Their lives as travelers and college students

The very first episode of Abby & Brittany shows the conjoined twins at age 22, graduating from Bethel University in Minnesota. As college students, the two worked hard to earn their degrees, but they also knew how to have fun with friends to release stress. For example, the girls are seen blowing up balloons and baking a cake in preparation for their birthday party, which they celebrate with the friends they made while at college. Abby and Brittany’s friends see them as true individuals, laughing when they hear the two bickering over what clothes to wear.

The girls also make time for travel: after graduating from college, Abby and Brittany decided to take a trip with friends over to Europe, visiting countries such as England and Italy. The TLC show follows them as they take pictures of the Tower Bridge in London, explore Venice on foot, and even ride a moped.

Photo: Facts Verse (YouTube)