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Healthy Choices Linked to Reduced Pain for People with Multiple Sclerosis

A healthy lifestyle can also help prevent anxiety and depression in people with MS

Marck and fellow researchers also found links with pain and the onset of anxiety and depression, which are two conditions that individuals with MS are more prone to developing. While the research team could not explain the relationship between pain and anxiety or depression, their findings suggested that healthy lifestyle changes can offer overall health benefits. “Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be hard for us all. For those with MS it is even more important as they have a higher risk of having poorer health and developing other conditions such as cardiovascular problems and diabetes. For those who struggle to initiate or maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors, seeking the support of a health professional will be invaluable,” concluded Marck. The research team is currently performing further studies to better understand the link between exercise and pain among MS sufferers. They hope that their findings will be validated and they will lead to the implementation of more appropriate and more effective medical interventions.