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Holistic Treatments for Irritable Bowel Syndrome


The symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can be very embarrassing and make you discomfort able. However, you can relive then naturally.

Since doctors have not been able to come up with a sure cure, experts emphasis on devising ways to live with it. Remember, if you have IBS, you shouldn’t be discouraged. You can manage their condition through dietary changes and stress relief tactics .For enhanced results, you can combine them with the following alternative therapies.

1: Manage your stress

Stress is one of the factors that trigger IBS flare-ups .In fact; statistics indicate that it’s a leading contributor. Therefore, you’re advised to learn how you can short-circuit stress through meditation and yoga exercises. Pay keen attention to the air going in and out of your body. Ensure that you don’t let anxiety define your life .You can practice useful yoga excver4sises on a daily basis for improved results.

One of the ways you can you to track down stress is keeping a diary of IBS symptoms. Note the kinds of stress you have had recently .If this doesn’t work, go for counseling.

2: Go easy on your intestines

Go slow on fried foods, oils, margarine, fatty foods, and daily foods .They can cause the colon to violently contract which can lead to diarrhea and acute abdominal pain. In addition, minimize or do away with spicy foods. For instance, hot peppers contain capsaicin which can make your intestines go into spasms, leading to diarrhea in the process.

Other beverages like caffeine can cause IBS to irritate the intestines.  You should also avoid foods that cause flatulence like broccoli and cabbage.

Avoid a lot of chewing gun as well as candies containing artificial sweeteners. Sweeteners such as sorbitol are known have a laxative effect and are very difficult to digest. When digestive bacteria in your stomach break down non-absorbed sugars, a lot of gas and diarrhea sets in.

Don’t smoke. The nicotine in cigarettes contributes to IBS flare-ups.

3: Fluids and eating habits

Physicians recommend that it is good to keep fluids in your meal at a minimum. They also strongly recommend chewing foods thoroughly .Naturally, saliva is added to food as the food is chewed and it aids in breaking it down. This plays a crucial role in setting the rest of digestive system in motion. This means that the habit of washing down food with either water or other beverages is very counter-productive. In addition, it’s believed that fluids play an important role in diluting the stomach acids, rendering digestion less efficient.

4: Enteric-coated peppermint

Peppermint oil is widely used to manage IBS .Researchers claim that it reduces the abdominal pain as well as bloating of IBS. Considered as a carminative herb, Peppermint can be used to eliminate excess gas in human intestines.

So far, research indicates that this herb can ease IBS symptoms. However, you need to consult a doctor before using the herb because it has some side effects. For instance, if it’s not used as enteric capsules, it can result in heartburn.

Therapies :Alternative therapies, particularly gut-directed hypnotherapy and acupuncture. These have been clinically proved to relieve a patient of all IBS related symptoms. Hypnotherapy is done through hypnosis as the name suggests. It has been shown to be an effective treatment for IBS. Hypnotherapy involves progressive relaxation, and then suggestions of soothing imagery and sensations focused on the individual's symptoms. This therapy has noted an improvement in overall good being, quality of life, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea and bloating. It also helps relieve other symptoms suffered by many people with IBS such as nausea, fatigue, backache, and urinary problem.

Acupuncture is one of the ancient forms of traditional Chinese healing art. This cannot be done by oneself on their body. This requires professional help. Only a trained person can do it right. In this, a trained person balances the patient’s body’s chi (energy or life force) by stimulating areas (acupuncture point) along the primary meridian, or channels, through which chi flows. These meridians run deep within the body and regulate all physical and mental processes, surfacing at the various acupoints.


Oil and Supplements: Oil supplements help calm down the gut, and probiotics restore the good balance of bacteria in the digestive system. Evening primrose oil, borage oil, fish oil, or probiotics are few of them. Evening primrose oil comes from the seed of a small yellow wildflower and Borage oil comes from the seed of a common weed. Both the supplements are similar in nature. Evening primroses oil is said to be more beneficial to women who experience more pain, discomfort and bloating during their menstrual cycle.

Exercise: Avoid sitting at one place for long hours. Also, avoid taking naps during day time. Exercise is likely to help you deal with IBS. It can help you lose weight. Exercise at least 4-5 days a week that gets your heart pumping. You can also consider doing Yoga and relaxation and breathing exercise which helps you tackle stress. If you are unable to do it all by yourself or having trouble on deciding which exercise is most suitable, then you could take the help of a physical therapist.


Address Emotional Challenges: Last but certainly not least, it is seen that people with IBS have an unresolved emotional component which directly effects their physical well-being. It is but natural to feel low emotionally when you have to deal with IBS. It puts you in discomfort most of the time, hampering your social life. This is one of the reasons why anti depressants are prescribed by the doctors. Meditation, prayer, and psychological techniques and tools are all strategies you can use to effectively address your emotional changes.

Side effects

Excessive dosage can result:

ü  In nausea

ü  Heart problems

ü  Loss of appetite

ü  Nervous system disorders

ü  These can lead to kidney failure

If you are considering any form of natural remedies or alternative medicine, ensure that you consult a professional physician .If you resort to self-treating IBS, avoid treatment or delay is standard care is dangerous. It might result in very dire consequences. Make your health your priority.