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Honoring Nurses During National Nurses Week

National Nurses Week occurs in May the same week as Florence Nightingale’s birthday, May 12. FindaTopDoc asked its members to honor a nurse in their life, and the response was huge! We didn't want to miss honoring one nurse, so we're honoring all the nurses who have contributed to patient care throughout the pandemic and continue to do so today. 

1. Christa Hughes MBA-HM, BSN, RN, CEN, CPEN, is an exceptional nurse,  caregiver, leader, and partner. She drives her department to a higher level of expertise and excellence, encouraging everyone around her. We are so incredibly proud of the work that she is doing. 

2. Alison Crosby-Korzeniowski is an LPN who works in long-term care. She has been described by others as dedicated, strong, determined, caring, intelligent, compassionate, and forward-thinking. Qualities that make for an outstanding nurse and individual serving in the healthcare field. We can all learn from her ambitiousness and caring nature. 

3. Heather Peterson, Marilyn Ga, Sue Anderson-Seibert, and Elsa Lopez have all been recognized for their dedication to the nursing field. These nurses have worked together for over 12 years. They have become loyal friends honoring each other on birthdays. This helps them get away to enjoy the ocean, the mountains, dancing, laughing, and restoring each other so they can go back and give the gains from each other to their patients. All are entirely dedicated to the field of nursing and their patients. They give their all to their patients. 

4. Tommy Davis, LON, and Abby Keith, BSN, are nurses who love what they do. In order to improve their abilities Tommy Davis, LON, is working towards his BSN, and Abby Keith, BSN, is working towards her MSN. They are both so knowledgeable in respect to their fields. They also are on the ball by questioning medical students about medications and treatments. They are both fantastic practitioners and everything they do is with the care of their patients in mind. Both nurses deserve the highest level of praise. 

5. The Mount Sinai Hospital MICU Night & Day RNs & PCAs is one amazing team that has been doing the COVID shuffle almost non-stop in NYC, since March 2020. They opened up the first COVID-19 unit at the main hospital and worked closely with infection prevention, emergency management, leadership, and the nursing union to figure out how to provide critical care while staying safe and healthy. Like so many others, we McGyver'd nursing practice to keep medications running and save PPE, on the fly this staff took to travel nurses though never our prior practice. 

We opened our unit and hearts to clinicians who flexed from their regular practices to help us provide direct patient care safely, day nurses worked night shifts for weeks so we could attract and accommodate more temporary help through April and May surge. Everyone scoured social media and professional groups for better and safer practices, so many kind words and silliness for a laugh, vaccine encouragement, constantly sharing, always offering help to get everyone out on time, and always encouraging a five-minute breather to each other.  

6. Nurse Erica Belton is selfless, compassionate, genuine, caring, and innately built for serving in her role. 

7. Demetria Lewis is a nurse who works with the elderly. It is her passion to help those who can't help themselves.

8. Nicole Martinez, RN; Chandra Hammond, RN; Jasmine Beltran, RN; Eva Littlejohn, RN; Kerri Ann DeLeon, RN, are all phenomenal nurses. Excellence with overflowing compassion sums it up. I have been blessed and it is a very honor to have met and worked with these nurses over the years. Thank you all for what you do.

9. Jane Blake has been a registered nurse for many years and has given her heart and soul to the profession to make a difference in this world and especially during this pandemic. She currently holds a position in public health and home care during these difficult times. Fay Butler graduated from nursing school in 1985 and has tirelessly given her last 36 years as an OR/Day surgery nurse. She continues to do the same and has made a big difference in the lives of all her patients. Lorretta O'Brien also graduated in 1985 with stellar grades and has given her the last 36 years working alongside the sick and the elderly and currently holds a position in a palliative care unit. She has seen a lot of sickness and death and presses on to provide excellent care, comfort measures, and emotional support to families involved. These 3 nurses that are mentioned are so deserving of being honored as the best nurses I have ever known. May God bless them all. 

10. Teresa Piles dedicates her time and gives tirelessly of herself to others. Her service to others is most noted with her active membership in various organizations where she strives to forge partnerships and collaborations to provide access to healthcare for her community. With Nursing Careers and Pathways, Incorporated (Nursing CAP), she is a volunteer where she mentors and tutors middle and high school students in math and science. She also partners with nursing and other healthcare professionals to expose youth to the profession of nursing and career paths in healthcare. 

During the pandemic, Teresa has made an impact in the fight against COVID-19. She has dedicated her time and skillset to ensure our communities have access to the COVID-19 vaccines and masks. She volunteers with the National Black Nurses Association and Dr. Newby, of Fort Norfolk Medical, administering COVID-19 vaccinations to various communities in the Hampton Roads Area. 

11. Maribeth, Sandy, Doug, Wanda, Linda, Christine, Sheldon, Mariah, Myla, Mary, Lynne, and Charlotte are nurses who care for our veterans. Thank you for caring for them and providing quality care. VA Puget Sound American Lake Silver Team Nurses Rock! 

12. Paula Archibald is an incredible nurse who is loving and caring to all her patients!

13. Michele Richmond is retired but worked for many years with these 2 nurses, PJ Espinosa and Haydee Smiczek, at St. James Hospital in Newark, NJ, in the ER and now they work at St. Michael's in the ER since James closed. They worked through the covid crisis and even contracted covid and returned to work in the ER. That is dedication.

14. It's been a rough year for surgical nurses and the nurses in the picture are nurses from all of our local hospitals at our first meeting tonight for the Baton Rouge Chapter of the Association Of Perioperative Registered Nurses.

15. Deborah Jainarain works at Garnet Health Hospital and has been working in Covid units for the past year. She has helped so many people in my community and has tried to be there for them since their family members are unable to be there. To all my nurses' co-workers, we work very hard. 

16. Team Rubicon Greyshirts nurses are volunteer disaster relief nurses who have deployed over the past year to a field hospital in California, the Navajo Nation, and testing and vaccination sites all over the country. 

17. Lydia Acevedo is a hard worker, a good nurse, an excellent wife, and mom. Happy nurse week!

18. Roy Lusby is my big brother. He has worked as an LPN for over a decade. Roy has dedicated his life to taking care of others. Nursing is much more than a job. For Roy showing compassion to others is a way of life. As his little sister, I can remember seeing him push through nursing school with hard work and tears. Roy continues to make his mark in the nursing field; he is forever humble. Roy is a loving son, husband, father, brother, and role model to many. 

19. Deborah Kramer-Cynthia Cooper has been a nurse for 28 years, after major back surgery was told she would never work again. She was off for 3 months and went back to work just in time for the Covid pandemic. She has worked extra shifts many times and continues the fight against Covid at 65 years old.  

20. Janice Payne is an ER nurse at BonsSecure Mercy Health hospital in Boardman Ohio. She is an amazing nurse, her knowledge and skills are tremendous. She leads with compassion and advocacy for the patient and her coworkers. She is the picture of a team player always helping, teaching, listening, and leading by example. She holds her coworkers accountable which helps them grow to be well-rounded nurses. 

21. Cieline Gomez, Joanna Schultz, and Suzanne Laws are hard-working, compassionate, and empathetic nurses. They treat their patients like how they want their families to be treated and cared for. Happy nurses week!

22. My mom, Christine Hartung, is a wonderful caring nurse for 35 years now. She will always go the extra mile for her patients as seen in this picture trying to get her patient to smile. She treats all her patients like family no matter who they are. I know the dedication she has poured into her career and I think she deserves to be honored. Thank you.

23. Honorable, Coroner Merrilee Frey, has been a nurse in Lake County Indiana for 34 years. She has been a respected Coroner for nine years of the second-largest county in the state of Indiana, with 17 cities and towns. She has dedicated her life to the profession of nursing. Coroner Frey states, “I am blessed that I have had the special calling to be a Nurse, Wife, and Mother and I share my passion and love of our Nursing profession with many who I mentor.”

24. Emily Charles, Khristina Cole, JoAnn Inglis, Lydia Bushnell, and Roslene Pruitt are the best group of school nurses ever. They have truly overcome this year and succeeded in the health of our students. We love our nurses at KaufmanISD. 

25. It is with great pleasure that I nominate the Nursing Education and Research Team (NER) at Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital (SEH). This team consists of three registered nurses (RN) Nancy Boyd, Laverne Plater, and Shurnett Barrett. They are a bright, dedicated, hard-working team who performs the job at an exceptional level. NER demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to the SEH community as well to the surrounding areas in the public. NER is an extremely capable team that proves time and time again that they are an asset to not only the nursing department but the entire hospital. 

26. It has been quite a year for public health. I am super proud to work with such a dedicated group of nurses at the Bradley County Health Department. From the first test site in our county to the first Covid vaccine given, we have been able to support each other through every process! Definitely hoping 2021 will be the year to see some normalcy in our lives.  

27. Tori M. Hollis is a nurse practitioner who also happens to be my daughter. She is a nurse for our nation's veterans and very exceptional. She has worked tirelessly throughout this pandemic and I am very proud of her.

28. Julio Lugo is a young man with a soul of service. He has worked hand in hand, not only in his work as a nurse, but as a leader in volunteer response teams in Public Health for all of Puerto Rico. We congratulate him on his dedication and vocation for the benefit of others.

29. Silvia McGuire, Heather Ruiz, and Judy Des Marais have run the DAISY Award Team and have spent hours pinning and coordinating celebrations for our nurses. All three of them are excellent nurses and compassionate people. We are very proud of them and the entire nursing team at La Paz Regional Hospital appreciates them!

30. Roxann Jones goes above and beyond expectations, she is always available to help her peers. She is smart and a great asset to her team!

31. Teresa Fadely, Gina Songer, Christy Youngkin, and Jennifer Brown have never met in person but have collaborated as members of the American Holistic Nurses Association. In Virginia, we bring nurses together to support each other in holism. We come from all different backgrounds and have become good friends. We have 20-30 nurses from around Virginia and 2 in Maryland interested in holism and all are invited. 

32. The quad at 2 G Primary Care Nurses at the VAMC in Northport, NY. The nurses are the best group I have ever worked with. Empathy defines the group. Cooperation and teamwork are what makes us come to work every day. I love each one of these ladies. Thank you and happy nurses week to all of you.

33. Elizabeth Desousa Mendoca is exceptional, beyond words, and she has excellent energetic leadership.

34. Amy DeReyna Byrd is an RN that works at Fresenius Kidney Dialysis. I had the pleasure of working with her Au a Level 2 new nursery. She was amazing working with high-risk newborns and their families. She worked in a lot of emergent deliveries and was highly respected by staff. 

She is currently working in the Alabama dialysis unit. She lives in Foley, Alabama. During severe storms which partially destroyed their home, they had to vacate to temporary living arrangements and are still there a year later. Despite this, she made it to work putting her dialysis patients first during bad storms and unable to be in her. She is an amazing nurse who puts her patients first no matter the situation personally.

35. Susan Johnson, RN, and Angela Sheldon, RN, are the nurses in Supply Chain! The Clinical Value Analysis Process acts as guiding principles in the responsiveness and decision-making process of this nursing-led team during the COVID-19 pandemic and for any form of product disruption. Our team was consulted in the projection of PPE burn rate and we provided the benchmark data that guided the COVID Command Center’s decision whether to clean and reuse N95 masks, identify the right isolation gown levels for procedures, and establish the standards to keep our patients and staff safe.

36. Cindy Beverly, RN, is a Nurse Inventor! Her invention, Bee Safe Clips, is a Semi-Finalist to the 2020 ANA Innovation Awards! Her passion for fall prevention and safety made her develop the Bee Safe Clips to hold tubings, suction catheters, call bells, and O2 tubing. She is truly deserving to be honored for 2021 Nurses Week.

37. Dr. Vi-anne Antrum is a par excellence nursing executive with attributes that are reflected in the depth and integrity of her work, working relations, advancing nursing science, and the improvement of the health of the community. Professional advancement of nursing encompasses Vi-anne's transformational leadership practice throughout her 26-year career. Nursing, according to the Vi-anne, is an indispensable strategic partner in healthcare decisions and must have a seat at the table to elevate the profession of nursing. 

38. At the Department of Education at NYC Health & Hospital-Woodhull, our department is the source of nursing skills and knowledge for our newly hired staff to be evaluated for competence during orientation and eventually implemented into practice in the clinical specialty of their choice. 

39. Our nurse manager was a great example of leadership during the pandemic. As a leader, she never waivered once on her commitment to staff and patients. There were nights we didn't know if we could go on but she continued to cheer us on with her giving spirit. Thank you Julie Lawlor for being our Florence Nightingale.

40. Dr. Lobel Lurie, “She has a strong work ethic and places her colleagues on her shoulders so they can see beyond what she cannot see.” - Susan Johnson, RN 

41. VCBC Correctional Nurses, Nursing Staff, and Halem Hospital Nurses and Nursing Staff are being recognized for their exceptional work. Thankful for your sacrifice and dedication in all you do for the care of others. Remember to take care of yourselves as well. Stay safe!

42. The wonderful group of nurses at the Jewish ER has worked through a pandemic and a change in ownership. Every day these nurses work, they are possibly in harm's way and yet, they do it with class and grace and humor!

43. Melody DeGuzman, Trixia Exevea, Mylene Hizon, Sonia Navarro-Noriega, Rena Abad, Rosemary Nones, Eleanor Tan, and Rowena Camba all work in Sharp Outpatient Surgery Center. When the Pandemic started, our department got closed since we cater to patients having elective surgeries. That day was a day full of uncertainties, fear, and anxiety. 

44. I remember ending our meeting with a prayer. But the Covid numbers continue to rise and we were called in to help our Main Hospital, Sharp Chula Vista Medical Hospital. It was the best experience we've had, being able to help our colleagues, getting out of our comfort zone, regardless of what we face. This pandemic has brought the best out of us. By extending our territories and giving the best we can for our patients, colleagues, our hospital, and the community. 

45. The KC Care Health Center nurses go above and beyond to make the patients at KC Care be a part of their care! 

46. Joanna Wesley, Michelle Drury Recktenwald, and Anne Cleveland always go the extra mile, without any complaint or regret. The knowledge that they possess, and their ability to do their job is unsurpassable. Without a doubt, the best, most dedicated, and competent ladies anyone would welcome to have on their team. And with whom I have had the pleasure to work!

47. Jamie Qualls is an amazing nurse, so loving and caring, always puts her residents first. She is always willing to lend a hand to a coworker in need. She is an inspiration!

48. North MS Medical Center - Gilmore Amory Women’s Center nurses are the best family of nurses who cares for each other as well as their patients. Everyone works as a team and always has each other’s backs, especially when the unit is crazy busy! 

49. Erin Wicke, Erich Wicke, and Laura Moffit are dedicated nurses who worked tirelessly through COVID.

50. Sharon is the best co-worker, especially in a work environment like ours. We work at the county jail and with the stress and difficulty of our job, she stays calm and collected, she is always there and never calls off because she knows how it will impact her co-workers. She works hard and does so much to help me and to get our daily work done. I could not have asked for anyone better to work alongside every day! Thank you for all you do!

51. Sue Mikolajczyk has worked since 1976 mainly in the ICU. These last few years in the recovery room. Sue is excellent at helping younger nurses by teaching them on the job no matter what area of nursing she is in. She taught student nurses for a while at Alfred University. She gives excellent care to her patients just as if she was that patient. She is retiring in a few months. I wish her a happy retirement but a big loss to our profession as a nurse.  

52. Lyn McCright and Teresa Walding have both inspired me to pursue my Nurse Health Coach program which leads to certification. Thumbs up. 

53. I went out on disability prior to the pandemic. I am a nurse. I keep in touch with my friends that still work there. They have worked throughout this time. Often short-staffed without complaining. They love the residents and see more of them than their families at times. They are real heroes. My only regret is that I am not healthy enough to continue to work. They are a great group of nurses and staff at Nansemond Pointe Convalescent Center-Suffolk, VA. Different personalities but able to come together as a group for the common cause to help the residents live a vibrant life in their homes.

54. We protected our facility at RiverStone Health Hospice Team and because of that our facility did not have to ban visitors completely! Good work at RSHH and nurses in the field.

55. It's been a rough year, to say the least! But we do what we have to do. I want to let my fellow nurses, Teresa & Lisa, our team at Highmark and Assisted Health Care to know how much of a difference they make and how thankful I am to be part of this team! You are amazing!

56. Julie Benson, MSN, is the associated nursing dean at Tacoma Community College. She is an amazing leader. She is an advocate not only for the students, but her faculty, and patients. She knows how to create team cohesiveness. Even when she has to ask the hard questions or correct behavior she does it with such grace and kindness, you hardly notice that you were corrected. She is a great nurse and a great leader.

57. Roberta Berry, RN, is the trauma program at Gila Regional Medical Center. Her zeal and professionalism are the keystones the program grows upon. 

58. Evie Jones, BSN, Patty Hornacek, BSN, and Patti Karnuth, BSN, are my cousins and inspiration to nursing.

59. Jennifer Henry, Kim Velez, Carol StPierre, and Glenda Bain Joanne Lapidus-Graham represent a cross-section of nurses who are dedicated, loyal, and committed to the nursing profession.

60. The Nurses at UAB Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama, and the Nurses at DCH Health Center in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, are the best. I am a former retired registered nurse that was employed at UAB on the GYN Oncology Unit and it was one of the best. At DCH, I was a patient and the Staff in the Surgical ICU, 5th and 6th floors were great in their care for me. I was a nurse for 43 years and I knew great nursing care when I experienced it. Thanks to all of our healthcare heroes.

61. The Nurses of 2K South ICU are a small ICU unit that specializes in Veno-venous ECMO. We've had multiple waves of COVID patients that stay for months on these life-supporting machines. Our nurses have banded together, picked up extra time, and have gotten each other through some of the toughest and scariest times of our careers. We have put together and are currently hosting an online walk/run event called 2K South COVID Remembrance Run on Facebook to raise money for the COVID Relief Fund that benefits patients, families, and staff during this pandemic in honor of all of the patients and their families that we have lost and cared for during the pandemic. This is important to us to let the families know that although visitors were not allowed, their loved ones were cared for while with us and they will not be forgotten, as well as a healthy way for staff to once again band together and help process what we have gone through. 

62. Our nursing team is amazing, and I have been so honored, privileged, and blessed to be working alongside them. We are a district of 17 schools, 20 nurses including myself. The past year has brought many new challenges, obstacles, and a new journey for us as it has for many. But they stood tall, being strong and courageous, and were ready to give all that they had for our students and their families, supporting staff members too. 

63. Their resilience, courage, love, strength has shown through every day. We are emotionally, mentally, and physically tired, but they are here every day serving, caring, supporting, and going above and beyond. We are also understaffed and have shown what a true team looks like. They do not hesitate to do what needs to be done. I am so proud of them! 

64. The Tiffany Hall Nursing Team is a great nursing team. All of the nurses are very compassionate and caring.

65. Jackie Domingo, Violeta Cuckson, Marita Schuman, Rosalie Marmol, Bev, Ulysses, Jane, and Jess are all excellent and compassionate nurses. 

66. The Nursing Staff at Phoenixville Hospital is governed by science, excellence in practice, truth, and a deep sense of caring for the patients. They demonstrate characteristics of hard work and devotion to the principles and standards of professional nursing.

67. Carmen Rivera is an exceptional nurse who is the best at what she does. 

68. My entire team of hospice nurses is incredible. Our non-profit team is the most loving, caring group of nurses I have ever worked with. It is about the patients, not the profits.

69. Ashley Barone is a young professional and talented nurse and I'm proud to work under her. We work in a methadone clinic and she's compassionate and understanding of each unique situation. I'm honored to work for and with her.

70. All of the pediatric nurses who dealt with the very first Covid patient at the hospital on March 13, 2020. We fought through many challenges and stressful shifts taking care of Covid-19; patients. Our department closed, we still have not opened in the capacity that we are supposed to be. One of our nurses was responsible for the diagnosis of that very first patient, however, the Dr to this day will not give credit where it is due. That same nurse became sick with Covid-19 as a result of her dedication to the patient. We, as a team, continued to battle through caring for the multitude of Covid patients while sacrificing our own health as well as the well-being of our families. We remained faithful to our profession and precisely our patients as well as each other. True superheroes. 

71. Cindy Moon works hard and volunteers her time and skills. Her nursing skills are diverse and well-honed. The American Red Cross among others has benefited from her dedication.

72. Happy nurses week! Mary Luckman, you give your all. Thank you for all you do to bear for the staff and as a friend. You are truly appreciated and cared about. Thank all the staff including Martin. It has been quite a year and 4 months. All of you have done an amazing job. You are a caring compassionate individual with who I have a great deal of respect.

73. Monique Rouse, Afi Detti, Latoya Monfert, and Henry Soyei are nurses serving the Georgia community at the frontline for covid-19. They tested 88 patients a day every 5 minutes for a 10-hour workday. Being the 1st set of professional eyes on a patient suspected of covid-19. Reassuring/educating patients on a daily basis despite a tight work schedule of covid-19 testing appointments.

74. Patricia Phillips, RN, BSN, is an exceptional nurse who has been in the healthcare field for 45 years.  

75. Becky Wilson, Stacey Goodman, Tammy Powell, Jewell Prater’, Gail Boyd, and Tanya Whitsman are incredible nurses who work hard every day.  

76. Svetlana Mayarska, RPN, and Rosa Braga, RN, are both very responsible and hard-working nurses. They are patient and compassionate with the residents. They are highly professional and great teammates. Svetlana, works in a long-term care nursing home. She is an excellent nurse, responsible with her job and documentation. Rosa has good critical thinking and she works in the community. She has excellent skills in time management. I highly nominated both as excellent nurses. 

77. Sally, Oglah, Chris, Caro x2, Doro, Edu, Vicky, and Claire are incredible and hard-working people in the healthcare field. 

78. Denise Carroll is a nurse who is very caring and always ready to work.  

79. Bobbie Zeek (my daughter), Paula J. Stellabotte, and Starr Kennedy-Romano are all excellent nurses. I am so proud that my daughter has followed in my footsteps, and 2 great inpatient nurses are closing out their distinguished careers!

80. Concepcion (Connie) Favela has been a nurse for 30 years. She is at the forefront of this global pandemic, administering COVID-19 vaccines to patients in underserved hard-hit communities. She is part of the ACCESS team, consisting of 35 federally qualified health centers meeting the healthcare needs of uninsured or underinsured populations in the Chicagoland area.

81. Twila Wilson is a licensed practical nurse from Crawford, Tennessee. She has been a nurse for over 30 years and is such an inspiration to everyone she comes in contact with. To know her is to love her. She is kind, compassionate, and empathetic and has every quality that a nurse must acquire. She has worked in several different areas of nursing but has been employed as an Industrial Nurse at Perdue Farms Wellness Center for 30 years where she has recently retired in 2021. She not only applies her nursing skills on the job but also in the community where she lives. This lady is an awesome nurse and is the person who inspired me to become a nurse. Her love for nursing and her outstanding service deserves recognition! Happy National Nurses Week Twila Wilson!

82. The staff of Cardiology of CNE practice is very dedicated to their work and to all our patients. All go above and beyond their duties to ensure the office runs as smoothly as possible and the care that is given to each and every patient is a positive experience. I, myself am proud to work with each and everyone in this office.  

83. Vernice Jones is a nurse who cares and takes her job seriously. She is dedicated to the field of nursing. 

84. I am so privileged to work with Brandye Gossett, Julie Ingram, Manda Crawford, and Tammy Parham, a wonderful group of school nurses. Their dedication to helping maintain a healthy school environment for our students and staff is amazing. We are a TEAM, a FAMILY and I appreciate each of them!

85. Alvernia Draper has been an LPN  for 39 years. She has contributed immensely to the nursing field. 

86. Youna Ruff is an exceptional nurse. She just cares about everyone. 

87. Dr. Marylin Hall is being honored and recognized for her dedication to the nursing field. 

88. Tamaraw Coaster-Keith, Yvette Scully Iron, LaTryce Wilson, Shaneka Williams, Lesa Williams, Leretha Thomas, and Janet James Benson are all incredible nurses. In one way or another, all of these beautiful African-American women, who are all close to me have in one way or another have enhanced, encouraged, taught me something, and have led me to attempt to further my career in nursing. 

89. Through this pandemic, we have struggled with keeping our PTS safe, and with losing so many we loved and looked at as a family. Then after a long day's work and all the emotions, we go home to our families there. We recognize all long-term care nurses.

90. Nurses on UAB 4N Highlands Hospital is a group of dedicated nurses. They work together and support each other. They are each other's backbone. The picture only shows just a few of them, there are a lot more. Times were tough and nurses came to work even though they were stressed out feeling the pressures from the pandemic and yet they came to work because they didn't want their co-workers to be short-staffed. Most of all, they didn't want their patients to suffer in any way. These are a bunch of great, great, great nurses and I can't speak any higher of them.

91. We celebrate all the faculty and students at Decker School of Nursing at Binghamton. The students and faculty have worked hard to provide excellent patient care and also provide a great testing center for the surrounding communities. The Masters in Public Health program is growing and has an outstanding leader, Dr. Yvonne Johnston, who has developed and worked diligently at providing great opportunities for students. We recently moved into a new building and are excited about the continued growth of the school. It's hard to only recognize one leader when we have so many great nurses in the school. We completed our 50th year recently. It’s a wonderful place for nurses to grow.

92. The Advent Health Ocala Labor and Delivery Staff are an amazing group of supportive, hard-working people. Happy nurses week to a great team!

We humbly thank all nurses for all they do every day!