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How Can I Create a Better Body Image for Myself?

How Can I Create a Better Body Image for Myself?

The views of our bodies differ depending on the individual. Some individual's prefer a specific type of body that they accept as the way one should look, however, what one person believes should look good isn't going to be the same for another person. To try and protect yourself from the reigns of body image, train your brain to accept the reflection of your body seen in the mirror. Quit all of the negative thoughts and try to boost your own self esteem. This puts a stop to the negative thoughts and replaces them with a good, positive image. Experts are of the opinion that faking confidence helps to turn the negative thoughts into  good ones.

Never treat yourself with depreciating self-esteem. Instead, talk about yourself as you would treat others and that would help reduce the negative thoughts on body image. Avoid or move away from things that make you feel inferior and have unrealistic expectations, such as magazine covers and models.

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Often, what we are worried about is the number that you see on a scale. Being concerned about one's weight should not be a priority. The real numbers that one should worry about is sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure. These are the numbers that talk about your actual health. If you are feeling healthy and energetic when you get up in the morning you are in good health. Many studies have shown that when a person works out for fun and to relieve stress, both weight and health will fall in the normal range.

Whenever you make a healthy choice, praise yourself. Even if you overindulge do not feel guilty about it. This will help you to avoid feeling bad about yourself and your body. More than anything else, do not compare yourself with anybody else and do not depend on products that claim to make you more attractive.