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How Dance Impacts the Lives of Those with Parkinson's

Dance for PD and the Oklahoma City Ballet

Photo: Dance for PD. Source: Mark Morris Dance Group.

Because of the success of these dance classes to help Parkinson’s disease patients, Brooklyn's Hamilton Class isn't the only one that offers patients this opportunity. As of this moment, many cities are opening their doors for Parkinson's patients. Some of the cities and programs with dance workshops for Parkinson’s disease are as follows:

Dance for PD: This is an internationally-acclaimed dance class for people suffering from Parkinson’s, and it is a partnership with the Brooklyn Parkinson Group and the Mark Morris Dance Group. This workshop does not employ just any dancer but are hiring professional dancers who have complete training regarding the disease. With professional choreographers, individuals who are suffering from the disease and are having a hard time executing simple movements are helped tremendously. It is no longer new that this disease can make it impossible to follow a simple routine from point A to point B for Parkinson’s disease patients. Through the vast experience of skilled choreographers, they can create complex movements for this sequence to be expressively carried out.

Oklahoma City Ballet: It opened their ballet class last September, 2017. This ballet class is aimed for seniors who are suffering from the disease. The class will take an hour and will consist of doing movements even while seated. It is open to all and is not exclusive to just people who can walk. Patients who are now in a wheelchair can freely join too.