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How Dance Impacts the Lives of Those with Parkinson's

The Morris Center and Megan Walker-Straight Dance Class

Photo: Megan Walker-Straight. Source: Tri-City News.

The Morris Center: David Leventhal, John Heginbotham, and Misty Owens have helped build this center and have drastically helped Parkinson’s disease patients. With a seasoned pianist, William Wade, the class which starts by just sitting and doing simple leg exercises has grown into a big community of satisfied and joyous patients. The good thing about them is that the choreographers are constantly evolving their steps in order to help create a livelier and a fresher environment for all. In fact, not only do they teach ballet and other dance routines. They recently introduced tap dance, which is getting an overwhelming response from the participants.  

Megan Walker-Straight Dance Class: With the aim of helping Parkinson’s disease patients in their homeland, Walker-Straight has conducted a series of dance classes for disease-stricken patients. She guides the participants through balance, flow, and movement with flexibility. Not only that, she is also encouraging aesthetic awareness as well as spatial.