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How Drew Carey Took Control of His Life and Diabetes

Adding the exercise

Photo: Drew Carey. Source: USA Today.

Diet isn’t the only player in the weight loss game. Carey knew the importance of being active to maintain good health. He began going to the gym around four times a week and performed a number of circuits that covered cardio and resistance training. Both of which are extremely effective in lowering blood sugar levels and burning fat.

To keep boredom away and mix things up a little, Carey and his trainer came up with a program that split the weight bearing and cardio workouts up throughout the week. That meant that certain days he would do one set of exercises to target one aspect of his weight loss and on the other days, he would do another set.

Carey’s commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle helped him lose weight, feel overall better about himself but more importantly, help him beat type 2 diabetes and likely earned him a longer life.  Making the changes needed to help fight against diabetes and other weight-related disorders is never easy.  It almost always involves sweat, tears and a commitment to change - however, the results outweigh by far the challenges.  A sentiment that Drew Carey will likely agree with, especially when he is able to experience his son’s graduation, wedding and all other awesome experiences with him without the extra weight or type 2 diabetes tagging along.