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How Drew Carey Took Control of His Life and Diabetes

Drew Carey's motivation

Photo: Drew Carey and his son, Connor, on Dancing with the Stars. Source: Twitter.

His biggest motivation? Well, that was the realization that if he didn’t get his weight under control, he would lose so much more than just his health.  Carey realized that he needed to lose weight and get healthy to make sure that he was around to see his son grow-up.  Carey used his son and his own desire to be around to witness graduations and weddings as his motivation. This is what kept him from indulging in junk food and once again making the poor choices that had already led him down a bad health path.

So how did he do it? Well his first step - and likely the hardest part of the whole journey, was to kick, once in for all, his sugar addiction. Thankfully he was successfully able to do so, and that’s what helped him shed 100 pounds along with the diabetes, high blood pressure and higher risk of heart attack.