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How Drew Carey Took Control of His Life and Diabetes

Find what motivates you

Photo: Drew Carey on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Source: EW.

Carey had a lot to keep him motivated to stick to his weight loss journey.  For one, he was doing it so that he could live a longer healthier life for himself and his family.  Carey also learned the power of books and videos. It’s easy to keep the eye on the prize when everyday reminders are presented in video or books. Follow blogs and read weight loss success stories.  A good tip for when that craving for cheesecake starts to get too distracting is to play a motivational audiobook, read a chapter about weight loss, a journal or a few online success stories. Basically, try to get your mind off the craving and remind yourself why.  If after 20 minutes, that feeling is still there, then get a snack - but make it a healthy one like raw veggies dipped in hummus or a banana sprinkled with a few mini chocolate chips and coconut.  The craving is likely the body’s way of saying that it’s actually hungry and not that it must eat the cheesecake to feel satisfied.