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How Long Does It Take for the Gut to Repair Itself After Gluten Exposure?

There is still a lack of understanding of celiac disease, as the disease is under-diagnosed.

These numbers are especially startling, considering this is not a very comprehensive look at patients of the disease. This lack of completeness is mainly because celiac disease and other gluten-sensitivities are grossly under-diagnosed. While only 5% of the current American population has been diagnosed with the disease, the country’s medical professionals believe that one in every 100 people has celiac disease. In other words, there is roughly 2.5-3 million Americans with this disease who do not have any idea that they have this sensitivity.

Gluten intolerance negatively affects 15-20% of the American population—imagine that number jumping when you think about the disease worldwide. This means that even if a person has never been officially diagnosed with celiac disease or any type of gluten intolerance, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t affected by it. These diseases may contribute to a slower intestinal healing process after switching to a paleo diet or after inadvertently ingesting gluten.