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How Lupus Caused the Scars on Seal's Face

Lupus Caused the Scars on Seal's Face

How Lupus Caused the Scars on Seal's Face

It's hard not to notice the physical features of some celebrities, especially since they leave a lasting impression on both fans and critics when in front of the camera. One star who is most notably recognized for his physical appearance is Seal, a British singer and songwriter who is known for several hit songs. Fans and critics alike often criticized and judged his scarred face, but barely any of them knew the full story behind it. Keep your face looking its best with juvederm ultra plus.

Seal: The singer-songwriter battling lupus

Before his fame, Seal was born to Nigerian parents who did not have a lot of money. He had a difficult childhood, after being placed in a foster family in London, he was often beaten by his father, particularly because of the moments where he sang. During his 20’s, he suffered from severe anxiety attacks and had both a fear of death and fear of being a failure.

Despite his life and health conditions, the young Seal sang at school and later became the man that he is today. He soon found his way to perform in crowded concert halls and release albums that are known to have shaped the music industry. One of his best-known songs is ‘Kiss From A Rose’ is one of the soundtracks of the movie ‘Batman Forever’. Now, not only is he known to have a captivating voice, he is also known as one of the best male vocalists of our time. 

Wherever and whenever Seal goes on tour, his unique facial features never go unnoticed. There have been outrageous speculations as to what caused those scars on his face. Some theorized that he had been involved in some knife fight while growing up in London, while others thought they were tribal scars inflicted by his parents in Nigeria. Some other speculations include him being involved in a car accident, punched hard in the face, or even bitten by a wolf. But, for those who know his story, they also know that all of these rumors are false. Instead, his scars are a result of an incurable disease called lupus

Discoid Lupus Erythematosus: How it affects patients

While Seal has been in remission from the disease for years, it has left noticeable scars across his face, which also became a trademark to his name. If Seal’s lupus had not gone into remission when he was younger, he would have suffered from hair loss as well. Facial scarring and hair loss are just two of the symptoms of Discoid Lupus Erythematosus (DLE).

DLE is one of the many forms that Lupus Erythematosus (LE) can take, and this particular kind of lupus mainly affects the skin. It is also the most chronic type of cutaneous lupus characterized by facial scarring, hair loss, and lesions on the ears, scalp, lips, and other areas. These lesions would usually have a scaly, or warty, appearance. Skin pigmentation may also develop. 

Photo: Seal. Source: On The Black List.