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How Lupus Caused the Scars on Seal's Face

The prevalence of DLE: What can be done?

Lupus affects 1.5 million people in America alone and DLE comprises a huge sum of the cases. There is an urgent need to prescribe treatment and preventative measures that could help alleviate its symptoms and complications. Yet, before treatment is instituted, experts highlight the importance of a systemic clinical assessment of the best treatment options for DLE patients. This should include an investigation of patient’s family history of the disease, a full physical examination, blood tests among others. Specialized doctors and other experts are in the best position to conduct these.

Upon consulting dermatologists, your skin condition will be closely examined. They may also ask about sores that the patient may experience in his mouth, ears, or nose. Additionally, they would ask about the drugs that patients may be taking already. To better learn which type of DLE affects the skin, dermatologists may take a small sample of the diseased skin to be examined microscopically. This skin biopsy will identify the type of lupus when positively diagnosed. Afterwards, the patient will be told how to better protect his skin, the prescribed medicine, and the recommended lifestyle changes that they must make.