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How Lupus Patients Can Protect Their Lungs from Unhealthy Air


Exercise is a great way to help keep healthy. While it is not always the easiest to remember to do it. It is something that should be done every day. Finding the time to exercise is not always easy to do either. Trying to find time to exercise around air pollution can feel impossible. Especially if exercising outdoors is preferred.

While exercising is needed to stay healthy, avoid going for a jog when air pollution levels are high. Instead, stay inside and exercise. There are plenty of exercises that can still get the blood pumping without needing to go outdoors.

Sometimes it is nice to go for a walk. If the air pollution levels are too high consider visiting a large department store or mall. These locations are indoors and give less exposure to the pollution outside. They are also large enough to walk around for a while and there may be something to buy as well.

When choosing a location to exercise consider how much traffic is near the building. High levels of traffic around a location can increase the air pollution level. In fact, traffic fumes can travel up to a third of a mile from where they originated.