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How Lupus Patients Can Protect Their Lungs from Unhealthy Air


Tracking air pollution is possible. It is also the biggest way to avoid irritating the lungs. There are many agencies that are dedicated to track the air pollution and they use their data to provide the public with information. The air pollution trackers will be specific to the location a person is in. Checking the air pollution forecast is very similar to checking the weather.

It can be very helpful when trying to plan the week. If there is a day the air pollution is predicted to be very high it is best to avoid spending large amounts of time outdoors. Choose the days that have the lowest amount of air pollution. Be sure to check in daily, the forecast can change.

The forecast for air pollution can be found on the internet through one of the agencies that track it. They typically have it posted on their web page and will update frequently to keep people informed. If a smart phone is available instead of a computer there are apps made to track the air pollution forecast.