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How Sleep Apnea Affects the Body

How Sleep Apnea Affects the Body

Sleep apnea is a condition that when left untreated can affect many parts of the body.  This condition should be consistently treated to avoid serious health problems that the condition can cause.  Getting diagnosed is essential to getting treatment for sleep apnea.  If someone feels like their symptoms could be from sleep apnea they should talk with their doctor to determine if they have the condition.

When a person has sleep apnea their body is not able to allow them to continually breathe throughout the night.  There are many frequent pauses in breathe during a sleep cycles.  These pauses may be brief only a few seconds and they can last for up to a minute.  The pauses in breathe are usually accompanied by a loud snoring sound or choking as the person gasps for breathe.

To start breathing again the body will wake itself up.  This interrupts the person's sleep cycle and can lead to them feeling tired and run down the next morning.  The combination of lack of sleep and lack of oxygen contributes to the larger health problems, if the condition goes untreated. There are different causes to sleep apnea.  One of the common causes is the airway becoming blocking during the night.  The airway can become blocked if the jaw is unable to stay closed while sleeping.  This allows the tongue to fall into the back of the mouth and stop air flow.  The fatty tissue may also collapse while breathing which stops any airflow.

Sometimes the problem resides in the brain.  There are instances where the brain consistently forgets to tell the body to breathe.  It does not allow the muscles to activate for the person to continue to breathe.  Both causes of sleep apnea can lead to larger health problems if they are not treated.  These health problem can be found in various sections of the body.