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How to Avoid Making Crohn's Disease Worse

How to Avoid Making Crohn's Disease Worse

Anyone with Crohn’s or who knows a loved one with Crohn’s is aware of the many challenges it brings.

Dealing with the disease seems to create a need for an ongoing work-around of its common symptoms: diarrhea (or, conversely, constipation), malnutrition, and weight loss. Also, during periods of flare-ups, foul-smelling flatus is very common.

If you are a person with Crohn’s disease, it may feel like Crohn’s is controlling your life instead of you being in control of where your life takes you.

But, hey, there are some great tips by gastroenterologist David S. Lee, MD in a recent article that can boost your morale by helping you regain power in directing your life with Crohn’s. We will go into further detail.