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How to Handle a Fibromyalgia Flare-Up

Be positive: Do not lose yourself to fibromyalgia

In life, there are going to be setbacks that will leave an individual feeling less valuable as a person and as a functional member in society. In some cases, external forces outside of one’s control or plans disrupt the balance of one’s life that cause problems with seemingly no way out. Fibromyalgia is a perfect example of how one’s life can be influenced by a chronic illness that does nothing beyond hurting those with the condition. It is simple to experience setbacks in life, especially if one has a deteriorating disease such as fibromyalgia. Furthermore, doctors and other medical professionals agree that “if you are finding that you are constantly experiencing setbacks or feel as though you are in a constant flare then you need to change your life. The prospect of this is a scary one.” In some cases, when it comes to fibromyalgia, it’s your eating habits that cause flare-ups among other uncomfortable feelings. Lifestyle choices are normally the issues that need to change in regards to a chronic illness, meaning that the individual with the condition must determine what is or what is not helpful towards their endeavors. Another issue is that “when work is involved, it’s natural to be concerned about losing part of your identity or to feel like you would be giving up too much.”

It is very simple to lose oneself to a disease that is known to have no actual cure or standardized treatment. Patients with fibromyalgia need to understand that they have a choice between losing themselves to their illness and losing themselves to their own inability to cope with a serious challenge. Fibromyalgia is not a fatal health condition, yet it can destroy a life if left untreated.