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Inside an NFL Player’s Battle with Crohn’s Disease

Unending benefits of exercise for Crohn’s Disease

Unending benefits of exercise

It could be argued that the most important benefit of exercise is mental and emotional health. NFL players must regularly fight through physical pain and injury, but staying mentally sharp and healthy is an incredibly important aspect of being able to stay focused and dedicated throughout the rigors of the NFL. Henderson is able to enjoy the benefits of mental health due to his rigorous exercise regimens, and he sets a good example of how to approach Crohn’s disease with a positive and healthy attitude.

The team has been a source of support for Henderson as well. Strength and conditioning coach Eric Ciano and trainer Shone Gipson worked closely with Henderson to put together a plan for getting Henderson back in the game. Speaking on training camp, Henderson said that his mentality is to “do the right things. Be on time. Take care of my job—get my lift in, keep my cardio up, keep my weight up—do everything I'm supposed to do as a player." With that attitude, Henderson may be able to return to his place as a starter in the NFL.