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Inside an NFL Player’s Battle with Crohn’s Disease

Watching diet with Crohn’s disease

Watching diet with Crohn’s

People who are diagnosed with Crohn’s disease immediately find themselves making a major transition in lifestyle. For Seantrel Henderson, this change was critical to both his health and his future as an NFL player. Diet becomes an everyday challenge for those whose suffer from gastrointestinal diseases such as Crohn’s disease, and Henderson found himself struggling to meet both dietary and weight requirements.

Henderson lost over 25 pounds when he was diagnosed with Crohn’s, falling to 280 pounds. While this may seem substantial, it is a low weight for the position that Henderson plays in the NFL, and he knew that he would need to both put weight back on and recondition his body if he was to have any chance of returning to the league. Unfortunately, he would not be able to do this with the diet that he was used to.