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Intracranial Visual System Changes May Predict Parkinson’s Disease

Current research status

There are various institutions that currently carry out research in Parkinson’s disease. Mainly, they are government institutions, university research teams, private or non-profit research teams, and industry and private corporations’ research and development programs. Millions of dollars are spent by these institutions in their concerted efforts to find treatment for the disease. However, only a few countries have passed legislation for tangible and timely results in Parkinson’s. These include the United States and the European Union. Other countries are also highly encouraged to invest in fighting the disease.

Therapy is the main area of research in Parkinson’s. Research mainly comprise pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods such as stem cell therapy, surgery, gene therapy and trophic factors. To find answers to questions, multiple areas of research are also focused. These include early diagnosis, genetics, molecular biology, and pathogenesis.