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Is Inspire Therapy the Right Fit for You?

In clinical trials, only 2% of patients experienced serious side effects and it might be covered by insurance companies soon.

 “What about side effects?”  Inspire Therapy began clinical trials back in 2010.  The system was tested on patients at 22 different medical centers across the US and Europe. Out of all those who were given the opportunity to trial the unit, there was only a 2% rate of serious adverse side effects. In fact, 91% of patients who have tested the system are satisfied with the results and how it has helped their disorder.

But what about cost?  Does insurance cover Inspire Therapy? At the moment, the system is being reviewed by insurance providers on a case by case basis.  Anyone who qualifies for the system should work with their doctors and an insurance team to get coverage.  As many as 270 difference providers have covered the system for patients across the US as of June 2018, and that number is just going to grow.

For those who don’t have private insurance coverage, Medicare will reimburse the cost of the system if the patient and the medical team provide proof that the Inspire Therapy is medically required.