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Is There a Connection Between Vitamin D Deficiencies and Diabetes?

For diabetics, supplements are essential for protecting insulin-producing cells

The recommendation for vitamin D, from the Vitamin D Council, is actually 5,000 IU for adults, which is a lot. It's vital for diabetic patients, and individuals in general, to get their daily dosage of vitamin D, to support their immune system, dental and bone health, and muscular function. Vitamin supplements, like Nature Wise Vitamin D3, are a perfect way to deliver this critical nutrient when you can't get enough of it from the sun.

Some studies have found that diabetes and vitamin might have a direct connection with each other. There are a few study receptors in the body, and these allow for the pancreas to produce the insulin that the body needs. Also, several animal studies show active metabolites of vitamin D protect insulin-producing cells from getting signals that activate cell death and inflammation.

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