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Is Weight Loss the Ultimate Cure for Sleep Apnea?

Keep your meal light: Heartburn will keep you up all night

What you eat before bedtime is important. Breus says, “Pizza and beer before bedtime is not a good idea. Neither is eating a big meal close to bedtime.” Eat healthy snacks and if you are still hungry, have a bowl of yogurt or cereal closer to bedtime. Heavy meals increase the risk of heartburn, which will keep you up at night.

  • Some good food choices for helping you sleep include warm milk, nuts, seeds, bananas, honey, and eggs. Yes, the warm milk your mom always recommended is great for inducing sleep. Dairy foods contain tryptophan or a sleep-promoting substance.
  • Check out the labels on over the counter and prescriptions drugs. Some of them may contain caffeine. These include pain relievers, weight loss pills, diuretics, and some cold medicines. Try taking them hours before bedtime so your sleep is not disturbed.
  • A nightcap might help you fall asleep faster, but it will also wake you up at night with the night sweats, headaches, and nightmares. Try chasing your nightcap with a glass of water.