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Is a Continuous Glucose Monitor the Right Fit for You?

However, CGMS are 24/7 and relatively expensive

Here are a few things to remember when making the decision to transitioning to a CGM:

  • The monitor must always remain on the body  If this is just another device that requires 24/7use, it could become annoying.
  • It will not replace finger sticks and the patient will still need to measure their blood sugar levels once in awhile using more traditional methods. This is to ensure that the CGM is accurately calibrated and that the readings are accurate.
  • Some people will react to the adhesive that is used to stick the monitor to the skin.  It can be irritating to always have tape attached to the body.
  • It can feel overwhelming when the patient is being bombarded by blips and beeps that are continuously coming from the machine
  • CGMs are still relatively new to the marketplace, and therefore, very expensive.  Without any form of insurance, patients need to dish out anywhere from $400 to $500 a month to maintain the device.