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Is the Flu Connected to Multiple Sclerosis Relapses?

Make sure you choose the right flu shot for you

As you might guess, the first step in protection is getting the flu shot. Adalja says, "this can help keep you from getting influenza and from getting relapses of MS, which can have deleterious effects on their quality of life." Of course, there are different types of flu shots, so some people wonder which is the best to get. Adalja recommends that those who have MS get one that fights against four strains of the flu, referred to as a quadrivalent vaccine. That way, they are offered a heightened level of protection. However, Adalja also explains that there are different forms of quadrivalent vaccines, and that you should speak with your doctor about which one may be the most effective that particular year, "there's emerging data that the recombinant quadrivalent vaccine called Flublok has more protection." If you and your doctor decide Flublok is right for you, it may be necessary to order it specifically via your doctor or pharmacy, as it is not always available as a standard flu shot.