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It's Time to Celebrate This Family's Inspiring Fight Against Parkinson's

After his surgery, Mike and Gail have a new attitude.

On February 21, 2018, Gail and Mike rejoiced. “We will never forget the day,” Gail said, “the day Mike got his life back!”

The Achins no longer have to live in limbo. Mike is no longer spending most of his waking hours on the couch, waiting for his medicine to kick in, or hoping that it will work for the full three hours. He is tying his own shoes, taking his own coat off, and living his own life.

Throughout this trying experience, the Achins managed to keep their sense of humor. “He is out living life again with a big smile on his face,” Gail said, “It’s perfect timing as far as I’m concerned: The grass outside is getting high, the flower beds need raking…”

Mike’s new attitude and healthy existence has made both of the Achins tremendously happy. And while Gail knew that they had been through some tough times, her true happiness allowed her to recognize how difficult the previous few years had been.

Photo source: American Parkinson Disease Association