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It's Time to Celebrate This Family's Inspiring Fight Against Parkinson's

Gail wants to encourage other patients to do what they can to overcome their condition.

Gail encourages people to listen to their doctors if they want to talk about DBS. While the operation sounds scary, it has given Mike his life back. “I was afraid, but for Mike’s sake, they got through to me,” Gail admits.

She also encourages people to look into Rock Steady Boxing or any other program like that that can help lift the spirits of patients who are starting to feel helpless or just want to make connections with other people who share their illness. They encourage people living with Parkinson’s to reach out to them with any questions.

“This Parkinson’s ride we’ve been on has certainly been up and down,” Gail explained. “I want to leave anyone reading this with some hope that there are options that can make a difference.”

Photo source: JewishBoston