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It's Time to Celebrate This Family's Inspiring Fight Against Parkinson's

Mike also was a part of Rock Steady Boxing, and he still boxes today!

“There was one thing that made Mike happy: Rock Steady Boxing,” Gail said. “This is a program developed out of Indianapolis after a man named Scott Newman started working out with his boxing friend. You can Google for information on it, but basically it’s a specialized workout for those with Parkinson’s that involves some boxing, some core work, agility and lots and lots of support.”

When Mike was having a difficult time with his ailment before the DBS, he never cut off his Rock Steady Boxing friends. “It’s a pretty special atmosphere,” Gail explained. “Mike joined a gym in Pawtucket called the Parkinson’s Place four years ago and he also belongs to Rock Steady Boxing Beauty and Beasts right in North Attleboro on Church Street.” Programs like Rock Steady Boxing allow for people who live with chronic illnesses to excel and grow in programs designed for them. All of the agency, independence, and familiar ways of life have been stripped from them, so these programs are designed for patients to find hope and strength.

Photo source: The Sun Chronicle