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Jordin Sparks Is Interviewed for Lymphoma Awareness Month

Rachel Weingarten’s story

Rachel Weingarten is a celebrity makeup artist who is remission after her own cancer battle with Hodgkin Lymphoma. Inspired by her interview with Jordin and in honor of Blood Cancer Awareness month, she is publicly sharing, for the first time, the details of what she endured.

Rachel spent a year going to different doctors who never figured out what was wrong with her. It turned out that the entire time, she had Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The ordeal was a hellish one, with one of the top doctors performing unnecessary surgery on Rachel. The mistakes that were made easily could have killed Rachel.

Rachel knew that something was wrong, but she had the hardest time finding someone she trusted to not only find the problem but also cure it. Her advice is to always trust your gut - you know your own body and if you know something's wrong, you need to find someone who will listen.

Rachel finally found doctors she trusted - Dr. Mark S Persky and Dr. Michael Grossbard. These doctors and their caring staff finally diagnosed her correctly and cured her.