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Keeping A Committed Relationship in the Face of Parkinson's

These are the troubling symptoms of Parkinson's. Would you stay, or would you go?

Would you leave someone who was experiencing these symptoms, or would you do everything you could to make life easier for them and you? These are the troubling symptoms of Parkinson's disease:

  • Those with Parkinson’s’ disease have a stiffness of movement. They are shuffling as though their feet are stuck to the floor. They have little or no arm movement. Michael J. Fox has found it difficult to move his left foot; this will leave him in a wheelchair in a few years.
  • Speaking in a soft voice is another sign of Parkinson’s disease.
  • Someone with Parkinson’s has a mask-like face, and Parkinson’s patients do not blink as often as other people. They keep a serious expression on their faces all the time.
  • Parkinson’s patients have a hunched over or stooped posture and low blood pressure that causes dizziness or fainting.