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Keeping Intimacy – Fibromyalgia in Romantic Relationships

Ask Your Doctor About Adjusting Medicines

It can’t be avoided that for some reason or another, you really just have to get down with it in the bedroom. Since part of the blame for your loss of sexual appetite is possibly in the medication you are taking, why not try and look for alternatives that will not kill off your sexual energy? Speak to your doctor about this. Your doctor may suggest different medications for you. Also, another suggestion is to take in sexual enhancers that might just do the trick and get you going for the act. While getting in the mood is good and all, don’t forget that ditching your doctor’s prescriptions will definitely have unpleasant effects on you and your health; thus, it is always recommended to consult your doctor first before making changes to your medicine intake. The same goes for taking in additional medication not written down by your doctor in your prescription, because some drugs might just not work well together.