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Life with Parkinson’s: How to Deal with Curious Stares

Study on Parkinson's disease discrimination

According to an article from Huffington Post UK, Parkinson’s disease sufferers are usually victims of ‘intolerable levels of prejudice.’ That was the result of the study conducted by Parkinson’s UK. About 41% claimed that they had been discriminated because of their PD, while 8% said that they experienced verbal abuse in public because of their PD symptoms. The poll was conducted on 2,900 Parkinson’s disease patients. As a matter of fact, Parkinson’s disease affects 127,000 people in the UK alone.
No wonder why most of the patients admit they avoid going out at busy times of the day. However, the people’s reactions should be your motivation to go on with your life. Do not let them control the life that you still deserve to have despite your condition. So, how can you possibly deal with the people’s stare and their reactions once your tremors start to occur? How can you handle your workplace with PD? Here are the ways on how to do it.