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Life with Parkinson’s: How to Deal with Curious Stares

Why it's important to know how to cope

One of the problems that accompany Parkinson’s disease is depression and emotional changes. Basically, these negative emotions should be controlled or avoided. However, the people around you can be one of the causes of depression. That is why it is a must for you to deal with or handle people’s reactions so that you won’t lose yourself at the end. In other words, dealing with them is saving yourself as well.

According to Parkinson’s UK chief executive, Steve Ford, life with Parkinson’s disease can be challenging enough, but if you partnered it with the feeling of being scared to go out for fear of being stared at, then life can be incredibly cruel. So, don’t let the feeling stop you from experiencing the brighter side of life. Everything may take time, from the acceptance of being a sufferer of the disease to the full confidence of living with it. In the end, you will surely see the advantage of the situation.