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Lifestyle Tips for Managing Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Lifestyle Tips for Managing Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Fibromyalgia is commonly characterized by frequent and persistent episodes of physical and even mental pain throughout the body. As a debilitating disease where symptoms often flare up, it can affect someone's daily routine in an extreme way. It's common for those that suffer from fibromyalgia to require external aids to perform some of the most basic of tasks like cleaning, preparing meals, and even walking. Here are several tips to help manage a patient's painful symptoms.

In order to ease the symptoms there are several methods that can be followed by those suffering from fibromyalgia.

Distraction- this disease causes mental fatigue and anguish. It affects the fragile state of mind. The best remedy would be to get the thoughts away from the disease. In order to distract the person find something especially during their rough symptomatic episodes. Such person will be able to live with the disease. Such people are suggested to keep their favourite books read so that it can help them get distracted. Watch a favourite TV series or good movie. So that throughout the symptomatic episode they are busy. Turn off the lights and relax and listen to the music if the person is experiencing eye pain.

Get in touch with your inner self- there are several meditation techniques familiarto those that practice yoga. People with fibromyalgia may follow these techniques. It will divert their mind away from the symptoms and on more positive aspects of life they can refocus. From their own pain they can remove their thoughts by doing meditation. By doing this those suffering from fibromyalgia may find solace.

Learn proper stress management- some suffering from fibromyalgia may choose to take a medical leave whereas some even though the symptoms flare up may go to work. In such cases in order to learn to live with the disease, proper stress management is paramount. The factors that contribute towards the symptoms of fibromyalgia are sleep and stress. Hence proper stress management is important. If your work does not give you understanding and support then look for other career options which may be suitable for you. For example the person may opt to look for jobs wherein they can set their own schedule, and according to their convenience distribute the work load. This includes freelancing or other types of remote jobs. The main purpose isto avoid the symptoms from becoming worse or avoid the triggers.

Depend on others- this condition is really a tough one and the pain that the person experiences can go to such an extent that the person may need help to even performs basic tasks. Also to take care of physical activities the person may have to rely on others. They will have to learn to properly communicate their feelings. Many people are aware of the condition and hence they might be willing to listen to the person’s problems that the person is going through. Through their rough patches they can find an emotional support and the patient can benefit from this.

Have a good night rest – it is known that when the person fails to sleep the symptoms tend to exacerbate. The main characteristic of the disease is even after a good sleep the person may not recover and excess fatigue. Hence even after a good sleep the symptoms may not stave off the next day. However the trigger can be avoided by sleeping properly. Also in other areas the person can improve their lifestyle.

These all tips are easy to practice and will not require any sacrifice. However there are many other ways to cope up with the disease. By following this the person will know how to live with the disease.