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Lifestyle Tips for Managing Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Learn Proper Stress Management

While some who suffer from fibromyalgia might opt to take a medical leave in order to recover from tough episodes, others might seldom be able to afford the luxury and will have to go to work even though their symptoms might be flaring up. In such cases, proper stress management is paramount for learning to live with this disease, as stress, just like lack of sleep, is one of the biggest factors which contribute towards fibromyalgia symptoms. If understanding and support are in short supply at work, it might be better to start looking elsewhere for other career opportunities which might better accommodate to the person’s condition. For instance, freelancing — as well as other types of remote jobs — allows the person to set their own schedule and distribute the workload however they see fit. The idea is to keep stress levels low in order to avoid triggering or worsening the symptoms.