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The Link Between Vitamin D and Neuropathic Pain

Unexpected findings

Moreover, Karim Raza, senior author and professor from the Institute of Inflammation and Ageing at the University of Birmingham stated that – “Our findings were unexpected as we initially thought that cells from the inflamed rheumatoid joint would respond just as well to vitamin D as cells from the blood. The fact that they don't has important implications for how we think about using vitamin D to treat inflammation. Unlike previous studies we isolated different immune cell types from the actual site of disease to determine whether specific subsets of immune cells (specific T cell groups) have equal sensitivity to vitamin D”. The study is a part of a 2011 research project still currently underway. The researchers hope that with enough effort and within time, they will be able to uncover why RA leads to vitamin D deficiency, how to prevent this from occurring, as well as whether this effect can be seen in other inflammatory diseases as well.